What do you need to know as a SuiTch merchant ?

Fill out this form with your information and your merchant activity to create a SuiTch merchant account. https://partners.suitch.tech/signup.html/fr.html/subscription

Depending on your activity, a collection fee or withdrawal fee will be applied to you. For more informations, contact us via support.

Simply enter your GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) when registering as a SuiTch dealer.

Yes, we have an API for online payments. Please contact us at hello@suitch.tech.

Depending on your activity, you will be able to withdraw your money from one of our Access Points or from your bank after making a transfer.

Yes ! Please contact us at  hello@suitch.tech for more informations.

With SuiTch, you’ll be able to deliver a unique payment experience for your customers ;

• You’ll be able to better retain your customers with all the CRM tools we offer : transactions history, good deals,
discounts ;
• You will benefit from better visibility on our communication platforms ;
• You’ll get an overview of your transactions, which will allow you to have more traceability and make business forecasts more reliable ;
• With SuiTch, you will be able to benefit from support in the evolution of your business.

You can go to your merchant space on the mobile app and check that you have received a payment notification. If there is a problem, contact us immediately at marchands@suitch.tech or via all available channels.

You can also ask the customer to show you their phone. Once the payment has been made, make sure it shows you the receipt in the SuiTch app (not just a screenshot or a photo of a receipt), that your company’s name appears on the receipt, and that the date and time are correct.

Each time a customer scans the QR Code and makes a successful payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation of payment via SMS or through your merchant space.

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