04 Guides to Good Financial Discipline - Session 2

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As a reminder, we said during the last session that recognising one’s difficulties in managing money well is already a step towards better discipline. Without wasting time, let’s continue this article with the second guide.

Guide N°2: Resisting the voice of money

Do you know that money has a voice and that it speaks? Yes when we have a lot of money, we suddenly think of a lot of expenses we could spend. So are you one of those who let money control you?


To be more practical, let’s illustrate with examples how money can control us by training us to make unplanned expenditures:

Most women always take the time to carefully plan what they are going to buy at the market before they go there. Most women always take the time to plan what they are going to buy at the market before they go, but once there, they change their menu, or buy things they didn’t have on their list. The budget for the improvised menu is rarely going to be less than that previously planned.

So without realizing it, they’ll find themselves spending more. Why is that? Because once at the market, they let themselves be influenced by the saleswomen, and took what they hadn’t planned.

“When we have a lot of money, we suddenly think about how much we could spend”.

As they had a surplus of money, they heard a voice telling them: “Take this product it’s cheaper, you don’t lose anything. It’s true that it wasn’t planned, but it’s just 50 F or 100 F more. It doesn’t matter! ».

Now, if we add up these small sums over a long period of time, we will realize that they are not so insignificant as that.

Resist these desires that come at you as soon as you have a bit of money.

At the Supermarket, when we arrive in a department to buy what we have planned, we notice cans of sardines, or milk on special offer.  Sometimes the hostesses promoting these products encourage us to take advantage of this offer.

Many take the plunge, but let’s ask ourselves the right questions:

  1. Do we really have to buy everything that is on special offer?
  2. Are we really in need?
  3. When you think about it, we already have 6 or 7 cans of sardines and milk in stock at home. So why add more? Because it’s on special offer?


On the spot, there is always this voice that will tell us: “It’s a golden offer. 10% discount? Or a box bought one for free? It’s not cheap. Look how much you can save. There won’t be any more offers like that. Seize it.”

Except that if we decide to take the plunge, these boxes may end up in the trash because the expiration date will have caught up with us. And that’s a loss!

Let’s resist the voice of money and keep control of our spending. We have to set the tone and decide on the basis of our real needs, the expenses we have to make.

Let’s keep the power!

See you soon for session 3 of this article!


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04 Guides for Good Financial Discipline – Session 2